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Sister Richardson is a God fearing woman and is endowed with wisdom.  She has a quiet spirit and a loving heart. She has been a member of the Bethel IM Church for over 55 years.

 Sister Richardson was born April 9, 1926 to   Nellie Whittenburg and Sam Houston Thomas  in Temple.

 Sister Richardson is the mother of 4 children.

 She has 14 grandchildren.

 She has 15 great-grandchildren.

 She has 5 great-great-grandchildren.

 "Precious Lord" is her favorite song.

 Her favorite scripture is Psalm 121.
Sister Richardson was baptized by Rev. McMackey in Kelso, Texas at the age of  nine.

She attended school in Kelso, Texas and Dunbar School in Temple.

Professionally she is a certified nurses assistant.  She was employed at
American Desk Manufacturing for many years and there she retired.

Sister Richardson loves being outdoors.

She also likes flowers and birds.

              ISN'T  SHE  LOVELY  !!!!!!